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When does Training Certifications Expire? | Central Florida Council | Boy Scouts of America
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When does Training Certifications Expire?

Training Recertification

Keeping Scouts safe and keeping Scouting leaders up to date with current information and methods means some of the BSA’s training courses need to be retaken every couple of years.

Below is a list of these courses and how often they should be retaken to be valid:

Youth Protection—every two years

National Camping School—good for five camping seasons

Safe Swim Defense—every two years

Paddle Craft Safety—every three years

Aquatics Supervision/Swimming and Water Rescue—every three years

BSA Lifeguard—every three years

Visitation training—every two years

Lead Climbing Instructor—every five years

Climbing Instructor—every two years

COPE/Climbing Inspector—every two years

Safety Afloat—every two years

Chain Saw Safety—every two years

Trainer’s EDGE—every three years

Hazardous Weather—every two years

Physical Wellness—every two years

Climb On Safely—every two years

Trek Safely—every two years

As other courses are introduced, or as the Boy Scouts of American Volunteer Training Committees determine that courses have an “expiration date,” this list will be updated.

NOTE – As of August 2011, position specific training for all positions has NO EXPIRATION DATE. Other courses with NO EXPIRATION include:




This is Scouting

Fast Start

By the way, the BSA Volunteer Training Committee and your Central Florida Council Training Committee encourages you to take the most current training courses for your Scouting position even if there is no expiration, or even if you are considered “trained” as a result of taking an older course. It is always better for our Scouts when their leaders stay up to date!