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Kynndarrn Williamson, Eagle Scout | Central Florida Council | Boy Scouts of America
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Kynndarrn Williamson, Eagle Scout

Kynndarrn grew up in Brevard County and just as he became a teenager he had a choice to make… join the gangs and drug Kynndarrn Williamson_Eagle Scout scene as so many others from his neighborhood were doing, or join the Scouts. And so, Kynndarrn became a Scout! He stepped up, advanced and learned many life skills that are so valuable to him today. He went camping, became a leader and earned 35+ merit badges.

He also had a really cool experience with the Central Florida Council. Many of you will recognize him from our community billboards!

Kynndarrn achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in May of 2009, just before his 18th birthday. He now serves in the US Navy, at the age of 21. As an airman, Kynndarrn is on his second deployment aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Kynndarrn is one example of so many of our Scouts throughout Central Florida and across the United States. Compared to men who were never in Scouting, Eagle Scouts:

  • Exhibit a higher sense of      responsibility to give back through volunteering & donating
  • Develop a greater connection      & concern for their community
  • Exercise more self-discipline to      plan ahead and set and achieve goals
  • Hold higher self-expectations
  • Demonstrate greater appreciation      & concern for the environment
  • Display increased respect for      religion & religious diversity

Establish greater lifelong connections to family, friends & neighbors

Kynndarrn Williamson Date Submitted: 01 – 12 – 2013
Brevard County Connection: Graduated Palm Bay High
Branch: U.S. Navy
Rank: Airman (E3)
Comments: Eagle Scout
Unit: V2 Bow
Home Base: Norfolk Va
Serving How Long: 1 year
Where Serving: USS Eisenhower
Current Assignment: