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Don’t Go It Alone! | Central Florida Council | Boy Scouts of America
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Don’t Go It Alone!

You are part of the Boy Scout of America – Central Florida Council TEAM.

Teams come in many sizes. In Tennis you can play “Doubles” as a two person team and in Golf you play as a “Foursome”. In Hockey there is a six person team, Baseball a nine person team, and Football an eleven person team. No matter what size the team is, it serves a single purpose to perform a specific task to the best of its ability. As a team you work in unison with and use the abilities of your other team members to cause your success.

As a member of the Central Florida Council Team you have over 25,000 youth partners and 8,000 adult volunteer partners to assist in performing your task of creating and performing the Scouting Adventure. Working together as a Scouting Team by dividing the tasks to who is best suited and using your partners best abilities will definitely create success. You can’t lose – it’s a “Win – Win” for all involved. It’s a Scouting Team that can’t be beat in the Scouting Adventure of Camping, Fun Activities, Learning New Skills, Leadership Development, Developmental Growth, and most of all developing the skills of Teamwork.

The Central Florida Council’s Scouting Team starts at the Council Level with the volunteer leadership of the Council President and the Council Executive Board including its Vice Presidents and Committee Chairpersons plus the Council Commissioner and the Council Commissioner Assistant Council Commissioner Cabinet. The Council Level volunteer team works along with the Council’s Professional Staff in developing, overseeing, training, and execution of every aspect of the Scouting Program including Membership, Finance, and Program assisting the Districts and Membership as maybe required.

The District Level of the Team includes the District Committee Chairperson and the District Committee consisting of Sub Committees plus the District Commissioner and Staff including Assistant District Commissioners, Roundtable Commissioners, and Unit Commissioners. The District Leadership working with the Professional District Executive and the Council Leadership Team oversee the tasks of assisting the District’s Units (Packs, Troops, Crews, and Posts) and in assuring that District Programing is carried out such as Camporees and Trainings.

The Stars of the Central Florida Council’s Scouting Team are the Unit’s Membership both the Scouts and Adult Volunteers. This is where it really comes together, where the rubber meets the road, and the successes of the Teamwork are realized and finalized. This is what the Scouting Adventure is – youth, parents, siblings, and community volunteers working together as One Team.

We as the Central Florida Council’s Membership are the Champions winning with Every Scout’s Smile, Every Scout’s Advancement, and Every Nod of Approval by the communities we live in and the Scouting Volunteers we work side by side with.

Central Florida Council’s Scouting has a Winning Team in its Membership, Finance, and Program.