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Ensuring Training Records Are Accurate | Central Florida Council | Boy Scouts of America
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Ensuring Training Records Are Accurate

At times adult unit leaders’ training records do not contain an accurate listing of all training sessions or courses completed. The online E-Learning Course Management System on the national website – accessed through MyScouting accounts – uses a different program and server than the database used by both the national BSA organization and councils to maintain individuals’ personal records – the system known as ScoutNet. These two systems communicate during scheduled data uploads from MyScouting to ScoutNet. Data upload from MyScouting to ScoutNet is solely dependent on matching BSA membership numbers. Registered BSA leaders must include their BSA membership number in their MyScouting account profile to ensure online training completed in the online E-Learning Course Management System is credited to them. This is easy to do, and once done will follow an individual throughout his or her Scouting life.

First, it is very important that just one account per individual is set up in MyScouting. Once an account is set up, always use the same user name and password to sign in. The user name and password should be written down and kept it in a safe, easy to find place so it can referenced if needed. If more than one account per individual has been set up, the National Support Center can be called at (972) 580-2000. Simply tell the person answering the issue needing to be resolved, and connection with the appropriate person will be made. The Scouting professional or staffer will be able to merge accounts into one, and will help with setting up a new user name and password if necessary. Remember – keep that user name and password!

If just one account was set up and has been used for all online training, an individual profile can be updated by following these easy steps:

1. Go to MyScouting by clicking on MyScouting at the far right in the horizontal list at the top of the homepage of the national BSA website.
2. Sign in. (If User Name or Password, or both, has been forgotten, click on the appropriate highlighted word in the “Forgot your User Name or password?” option immediately below the sign in fields. By providing the correct email address associated with an individual MyScouting account, the information can be sent to you. If both have been forgotten, separate requests with corresponding confirmation emails will need to be sent.)
3. After the next page loads, click on “Update Profile” at the top of the gray box on the left side of the page under the “My Profile” heading.
4. After the next page loads, look for “Membership Info” in large dark blue font near the bottom of the page.
5. Click on the down arrow at the right side of the “Council Name” field. From the drop-down menu, select “Central Florida Council – Apopka, FL – #083”
6. Add the assigned BSA membership number specific to the registered member whose name is associated with this MyScouting account.
7. Click “Add”.

Where to find an individual BSA membership number
The number is on the bottom of BSA membership cards – under the UPC bar. The first five numbers on the bottom left side of the card for any registered BSA member in Central Florida Council, stand for the number assigned to CFC (083) and the area CFC is in (04). Membership cards for an entire unit are sent to the top unit leader after the council registrar has checked or entered the unit’s recharter information into the national database. Cards are printed after the date entry is complete. Individuals who register with a unit after recharter is complete receive their membership cards by mail.

When individuals do not have a BSA membership card in their possession
Any Key Three unit member can look the number up online once a BSA application has been accepted and a number unique to that individual has been assigned. This is done through use of MyScouting Tools available to unit Key Three leaders.

Next month, in the Training article for Central Florida Council’s newsletter, adding training to an individual’s record through the use of MyScouting Tools will be covered.