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June Advancement News | Central Florida Council | Boy Scouts of America
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June Advancement News

Congratulations to the following Units for having the most reported Cub Scout and Boy Scout rank advancements in your District for the year through June 1st:

Unit – District Unit – District
Pack 344 – Challenger Troop 285 – Riverside
Pack 255 – Sand Lake Troop 225 – Sand Lake
Pack 24 – Fort Gatlin Troop 787 – Seminole Springs
Pack 139 – Little Econ Troop 62 – Fort Gatlin
Pack 374 – Riverside Troop 268 – Apopka Shores
Pack 20 – Apopka Shores Troop 192 – Osceola
Pack 800 – Osceola Troop 224 – Challenger
Pack 340 – Tuscarora Troop 617 – Little Econ
Pack 4 – Seminole Springs Troop 270 – Three Rivers
Pack 299 – Lake Troop 560 – Tuscarora
Pack 281 – Three Rivers Troop 244 – Lake
Pack 268 – Apopka Shores Troop 184 – Fort Gatlin

A special shout out to Pack 344 and Troop 285 for having the most reported rank advancements in the Central Florida Council!

If your Unit is not reporting rank advancements in Internet Advancement, please make every effort to start submitting reports.  If you do not know how, send me an email at mdeliz@cfl.rr.com.

Merit Badge Trivia

Last month, I wrote that in 2013, 17,814 merit badges were earned by Boy Scouts in the Central Florida Council (CFC) and asked the following questions:

  • What was the most earned merit badge in the CFC? Swimming (810)
  • What was the most earned non-Eagle Merit badge in the CFC? Fingerprinting (511)
  • What was the least earned merit badge in the CFC? Drafting and American Business (1)

We know about the numbers of merit badges earned in the Council, because Scouters report their advancements in Internet Advancement.  Please join their ranks!

Important Eagle Scout Information

As a reminder, all Eagle Scout candidates should contact Lynette Dukes, Eagle Registrar, prior to beginning to fill out their Eagle Scout Application.  Her email address is:  Lynette.Dukes@cflscouting.org .She can provide pertinent information in aiding in the correct filling out of the Application.  Current candidates must use the 2014 version of the Eagle Scout Application (Form 512-728).