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This month, changing the trained status of adult leaders in units via MyScouting Tools for use by unit Key 3 leaders:

You must first log in to my.scouting.org to see the tools available to unit Key 3 leaders. Your user name and password are the same as for your MyScouting.scouting.org account.

The Training Manager provides a dashboard view of position-trained leader status and youth protection training status by organization level. Key 3 will be able to add and search training, print member’s training certificate(s), print Trained Leaders report and YPT Aging report. Upon login, select Home at the top, then Training Manager from the drop-down list.

Upon selection of the Training Manager tool, the system will display a dashboard designed to give you a quick look at the “Trained Leaders” and “Youth Protection Training” status for your organization. The dashboard will show two graphic pie charts. One will show Trained Leaders  and one Youth Protection. Both show trained and untrained leaders by percentages. (If you have a role in a district, you will see the status for the entire district by default, or you can drill down and select a view of just the district staff {non-unit registrants}, or select a view for a specific unit within the district.)

Hovering over the pie charts displays the count and percentage of registered adults in leadership positions that are position-trained or not, or those that are YPT trained or not, in the selected organization. You can also click the List View icon in the upper right corner in either frame for additional status details.

Details are categorized by color. To return to the pie chart dashboard view, select the pie chart icon in the right corner in either frame. IMPORTANT: The Trained Leaders dashboard counts the number of leader trained positions, not adults. The YPT dashboard does not count the adult registered in the  IH position.

To get more information about how to use other features Training Manager has to offer, go to http://www.scouting.org/filestore/idg/Training_Mgr_Powerpoint.pdf to access the PowerPoint national posted regarding the Training Manager tool. Below are directions on use of the tool to change individual leader training status’.

On the Training Dashboard, a navigation bar located at the top displays an Add Training icon (a green folder with a black Up arrow) and a Search Training (magnifying glass) icon. To add a training record to a member or group of members in the selected organization, select the Add Training (green folder with black Up arrow) icon.

The system will display a screen where you can select the Program, Course, and Date of the training course to be added from dropdown menus. Once a Program, Course, and Date is entered, the system will slide the Add Member bar to enter search criteria information. You may enter a member ID or a member’s name and then click Search. To search multiple names or member IDs, separate by comma. After completing a search, member details will display.

Clicking on a name will move it to the Add Member screen. To move back and forth between the search list and Add Member screens, move your pointer past the blue Collapse bar near the center of the screen. (NOTE: You will not have the ability to update your own record. Another Key 3 administrator will have the authority to update your record.) Once you have selected the name(s) you wish to add the training, review the list and then click Submit. If you wish to remove a name from the list before submitting, select the minus symbol next to the name.

A dialogue box will appear confirming the course to be added, the number of selected member(s), and the date the course was taken. If you’d like to print the training certificate(s), click in the box next to Include Certificate(s) and then click Add. A PDF Training Report will then download summarizing the details of the course addition applied to each member that you may print or keep for your records. If you selected to include the training certificate, a separate PDF document will be generated that you may print.

The system will then return back to the Add Training screen. You may continue to add training for other members, or return to the dashboard home page by selecting the Training Dashboard icon in the navigation bar (circle with “dots”). Do not use your browser’s back button or you will be taken out of my.Scouting Tools. You can return to the Training dashboard landing page at any time whenever you see the Training Dashboard icon. To log out of my.Scouting at any time, click on the icon located at the top right corner and select Logout. There is also a Search Training icon that performs the same function as one on the dashboard screen which is explained in the Training Manager PowerPoint previously mentioned.

This article is intended to reach unit Key 3 adult leaders who may not have known about the new my.scouting.org tools available to add training courses to individual leader’s profiles. This is NOT a feature I have access to, so I cannot be of help beyond what I have read. Tutorials on the use of tools available in my.scouting.org has been set as a priority by the council VP Program, Don Campbell. Districts will be hearing and seeing more about the updates from him in the coming months.