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Recharter Changes FAQ


FAQ regarding January 1, 2015 Lapsed Period Change


1. What are the implications for unit insurance coverage, access to district/council activities, and anything that requires current BSA membership, like OA membership?
Liability insurance and unit accident insurance coverage will continue since the term for accident insurance is January through December. Councils will still have the ability to approve or deny an accident insurance claim as they do today. Each council will work to determine access to district and council activities, but obviously anyone serving in an active leadership role needs to be currently registered. An individual’s access to national resources like MyScouting tools will expire 30 days after the expired registration and it is immediately restored when the person renews their membership.

2. Will the youth advancement and leader training/awards records be maintained for units that don’t meet the recharter deadline?
Records such as these are in the individual’s member record which is maintained. They will be reactivated on the date the dropped unit renews as a separated-reregistered (SR) unit. Dropped units are given 12 months to renew as an SR unit. The individual’s record stays maintained in the BSA computer system for retrieval and reactivation at any later date.

3. What about a Scout who has completed all the requirements for Eagle but his unit is not rechartered? Can he have a Board of Review? How do we handle advancement records?
Local councils take all circumstances into consideration when processing youth advancement and endeavor to not allow situations where the youth is penalized through no fault of his own. However, in order to process an electronic Eagle application through PAS, the individual must be currently registered. An individual is considered active in the program only while registered, but tenure for advancement purposes can be regained through payment of the back registration if it is due to processing delays, not true inactivity.

4. What happens to a unit’s tenure? Will it continue once the unit reregisters, or will it restart?
Unit tenure can be maintained without a gap if it renews within 12 months after it has expired and the backdated registration fees are paid for the full time in between.

5. Will this affect unit’s access to Internet Rechartering?
No. Unit renewal processors will continue to be able to access Internet Rechartering to submit their renewal for 60 days after their unit expiration date.

6. How will this affect the registrars processing of renewals?
There is no change to the unit renewal process. Registrars will still be able to access unit renewals submitted through Internet Rechartering by going to Unposted Units in PAS as they do today. In addition, they will continue to post paper renewals through Charter Renewal in PAS for 12 months after the unit has expired.