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July Advancement News | Central Florida Council | Boy Scouts of America
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July Advancement News

Finish Those Partials
As the summer moves along, Cub Scout Day Camps and Boy Scout Summer Camps have been completed or are in progress. There have been abundant advancement opportunities at both camps, yet scouts may not have completed all of the requirements for Academic and Sports Program Belt Loops or Pins, Webelos Activity Badges, and Merit Badges. If your scout has partially completed any of these advancements, I strongly encourage their completion prior to school starting. If a scout works on the remaining requirements, weekly during the remaining portion of the summer, he should be able to complete the belt loop, pin, or badge. What better way to start a new scouting year than to be recognized for all of their hard work at camp at the next Pack Meeting or Court of Honor. It should be noted, that the only time limit for a Boy Scout to complete a merit badge is his 18th birthday.

Blue Cards and Camp La-No-Che
Is someone in your Unit waiting for around at Camp La-No-Che on Friday night with a stack of blue cards awaiting Area Directors signatures? You do not have to do this; the Camp’s printout of merit badge completions and partials is an official Central Florida Council Record. Ultimately, the entering of merit badge completion dates in Internet Advancement is the official Scout Record, according to BSA. So, if your Unit is not reporting merit badges in Internet Advancement, please make every effort to start submitting reports. If you do not know how, send me an email at mdeliz@cfl.rr.com.

New Eagle Scout Service Project Work Book
BSA has revised the fillable version the Eagle Scout Service Project Work Book. The previous version of the Work Book is no longer available; however Scouts who have already downloaded the previous Work Book may continue to use it, even if their proposal has not been approved.
The revision includes many subtle changes including improved functionality, wording clarification in several areas and some of the informational parts have been reorganized. The revised Work Book can be found at the following link:
Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook