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Training News for July | Central Florida Council | Boy Scouts of America
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Training News for July

Often the comment, “That training is only offered once a year,” has been said. While that may be true for some specialized training, the majority of the time that is not the case. It may be that a particular training is only offered one time a year is some districts, but within the council as a whole, leader position specific training, Den Chief training and other youth training is offered multiple times over the course of a year. Please know that anyone – leader or youth – is invited, welcome and encouraged to register for training in any district at the time that is best for the individual.

To date, the number of opportunities for training are as follows: seven for Cub Scout leader position specific training, seven for BALOO (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation for CS leaders), eight for OLSWL (Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders), ten for Scoutmaster-ASM position specific training, two for Troop Committee Challenge, nine for IOLS (Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills for troop leaders), six for Den Chief training, one for how to train boys in ILST (Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops), five for Venturing Advisor leader position specific, two for Varsity Coach position specific, six for Chartered Organization Representative position specific, and one for Trainer’s EDGE have been scheduled for the fall of 2014. There will be more added to the schedule as district training chairs finalize their training calendars. There is also training scheduled for the spring of 2015. Training schedules are ready for posting on the council website, but there is a problem with permission to post for the council training committee webmaster at present. The schedules will be posted when this problem is resolved.

The July 2014 Adult Training Statistics Report for Central Florida Council leaders in units shows that council-wide:

Trained   Untrained
47% Tiger Cub Leaders 53%
35% Assistant Den Leaders 65%
53% Den Leaders 47%
50% Assistant Webelos Den Leaders 50%
65% Webelos Den Leaders 35%
33% Unit Scouter Reserve positions 67%
64% Assistant Cubmasters 32%
58% Pack Committee chairs 42%
53% Pack Chartered Org Rep 47%
42% Pack Committee members 58%
60% Pack Trainers 40%
27% Leader of 11-yr old Scouts 73%
49% Unit Scouter Reserve 51%
87% Unit College Scouter Reserve 13%
77% Troop Committee Chairman 23%
62% Troop COR 38%
66% Troop Committee members 34%
69% Assistant Scoutmasters 31%
77% Scoutmasters 23%
60% Varsity Scout Committee chair 40%
60% Varsity Scout COR 40%
55% Varsity Scout Committee member 45%
22% Assistant Varsity Coach 78%
32% Varsity Scout Coach 68%
65% Venturing Committee chair 35%
62% Venturing COR 38%
61% Venturing Committee member 39%
46% Venturing Crew Assoc. Advisor 54%
67% Venturing Crew Advisor 33%
75% Sea Scout Committee chair 25%
50% Sea Scout COR 50%
43% Sea Scout Committee member 57%
33% Sea Scout Mate 67%
100% Sea Scout Skipper 0%


The council training committee is committed to delivering training to 100% of Central Florida Council adult leaders in units. Experience has shown that trained leaders deliver a better quality program. Attracting and retaining youth in Scouting programs should be at the top of priority lists for unit leaders, and the training team is here to help units do that. The council training team also strives to deliver training to adults in other areas, but the focus is on unit leader training. Please help us deliver this training by encouraging all the leaders in your unit(s) to complete adult basic leader training for their positions. To find out what basic leader training is required for each leader in your unit, go to: http://www.scouting.org/filestore/training/pdf/BasicTrainingCourseRequirements.pdf to see the list.

To reference what the codes mean in this document, go to: http://www.scouting.org/filestore/training/pdf/CurrentandPastTrainingCodes.pdf (Codes are listed alphabetically, then numerically after letters.)