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A Halloween Spooktacular is Coming! | Central Florida Council | Boy Scouts of America
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A Halloween Spooktacular is Coming!

Every year in October Packs, Dens, and Cub Scout families visit Camp La-No-Che for the Cub Halloween Camps.  Friday night warms up with setting up camp, night hikes and an opening movie.  Saturday, everyone participates in Camp La-No-Che Cub Scout Program areas getting to shoot BB Guns, Bows and Arrows, Swimming, Halloween Crafts, Sports, Hikes and more!  On Saturday night the Costume Parade starts at 6:30pm with all campers in their costumes. We parade through the center of the Dr. Phillips Park for Camp La-No-Che.

Four Halloween program areas are open for all campers.  The Haunted House is lots of fun with ghosts, monsters and haunts eager to welcome you into their home.  Our very own Akela spins Halloween Tales to entertain old and young.  A tasty Monster Mash is provided in the Dining Hall with snacks, drinks, and a pumpkin decorating contest (Bring Your Own Pumpkin).  The final frightening area is the Haunted Trail through the woods with scary outdoor frights and surprises.  The last nail in the coffin is Trick or Treating the Cub Pack campsites, seeing decorations and getting more candy!!  It is electrifying seeing all the energy, costumes and fun.

Sunday morning dawns with a Sunday Chapel Service and then everyone packs up to return home.  The four Cub Halloween Camps are October 3-5; October 10-12; October 17-19 or October 24-26.  Cubs and families may choose to day-visit on Saturday or may camp for one or two nights.  The W.T. Bland Dining Hall is open if you’d like meals provided or Packs/Dens may cook on their own. 

 For more information and to register online please visit: http://cflscouting.org/division/camplanoche/programs-cub-scouts/cub-halloween-camp-csfc/ or you may contact Camp La-No-Che office at 352-669-8558 Tuesday -Saturday.  Don’t miss the fun of visiting the Camp La-No-Che Cub Halloween Camps to enjoy the outdoor program and memorable Halloween activities! 

Cub Scouts can bring a non-scout friend to attend the campout for free…Cub Scout will receive a special patch for bringing a friend.