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Back to School…Back to Scouting

It’s time to Recruit NEW Scouts…Are you Ready???

A successful recruitment plan requires a team effort!  The District and the Cub Scout Pack need to work hand in hand to promote Scouting within the school, community and church. It is important that the parents and boys who plan to join Scouting this fall attend the sign-up at their school. Parents who are present at sign-up with the new den are more likely to become leaders than those who join alone.

Council & District Role

  • The District Executive will arrange the School Night date with the elementary school.
  • The Council support staff will produce a flyer to be distributed to each boy during classroom presentations.
  • Well trained Special Ops Recruiters will help District Executives with classroom visits.
  • A District School Night presenter will be assigned to each school.
  • Council will produce marketing materials for the Packs.
  • Council will invite others to join via Direct Mailing using Smart Data.
  • Billboards will be placed throughout our service area promoting Scout Sign-Up.
  • Radio spots promoting “Join Cub Scouts”.
  • Join Scouting PSAs ran on multiple television stations.
  • Several print media outlets with articles about the benefits of Scouting.
  • Area “Mom Blogs” telling our story.
  • The Council website will have a list of all school night dates, times and locations.
  • Peer-to-Peer Incentives at all program events
  • Weekly progress reports emailed to all Cub Masters showing updates for each school night with 2014 v. 2015 comparisons.

Maximizing Marketing/Promotions

  • Set your Pack’s recruitment goal. Our goal is to recruit “X” new Cub scouts.
  • “Get the word out.” – Communicate your Pack’s School Night Sign-Up to friends and parents whom with you come in contact.
  • Social Networking – Get your parents to use their social networking sites; Face Book, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest…, to inform their friends about your Sign-Up Night. (Have them give a personal testimony of how Scouting has benefitted their family.)
  • Make sure you have posters of Scouts in action; in your school, church and other places that will give parents info on when they can sign up.
  • Develop an incentive for Peer-to-Peer recruiting.
  • Have an impressive presence at Meet the Teacher & Open House. (Tents, Flag ceremony, Cub Scout greeters, interactive booth…)
  • The day before and the day of your School Night, see if the school will allow Cub Scouts in uniform to welcome parents and students in the drop off line.
  • Make sure all your Cub Scouts proudly wear their uniforms the day of your School Night.
  • Make sure Leaders & Cub Scouts are at your School Night ready to welcome new families.
  • Have an organized School Night. First impressions are crucial.
  • Make sure you have a Pack calendar to give to the new families.
  • Make reminder calls to all new Cub Scouts to ensure they attend their first meeting.
  • Update your BeAScout.org pin.

New Fee Structure

We will be charging new families that join this Fall, starting in August, only for the remaining months in 2015.  Fees will work this way:

Month New Scout
or Leader Joins
Registration Fee
August $10.00
September $8.00
October $6.00
November* $28.00 (Covers Nov/Dec and all of 2016)
December* $26.00 (Covers Dec and all of 2016)

This will make recharter easier.  Units will not need to determine who has already paid for 2016 and who hasn’t.  All families that desire to continue the Scouting experience will pay the $24 registration renewal fee for 2016.

Families that have an initial great experience will now see the value in paying $24 to be members for the following year.

We are excited about this change and are sure it will enable more families to be a part of the Scouting experience.

*For November and December, we will go ahead and collect the recharter fee since most units will have submitted their recharter paperwork by the November Roundtable.