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A Bad Thing Happened At Church, But God Made it Good | Central Florida Council | Boy Scouts of America
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A Bad Thing Happened At Church, But God Made it Good

By Jacob Cuthbert, III

Boy Scout Troop 263 – Lake Mary, FL

My name is Jacob. I am 10 years old. I am a fourth grader at Goldsboro Elementary Magnet School in Sanford, Florida. I am a Tenderfoot Scout with Boy Scout Troop 263 – Lake Mary, Florida. I am also a member of the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church. I am a seventh generation AME. I saw on the news the other day that something really bad happened at Emmanuel AME Church in a place called Charleston, South Carolina. People were shot and they died. The pastor died too. The news said a white man did it because he did not like black people. All the people who died were black. I do not understand that. I have friends who are white. I like them and they like me. A white person doing a very bad thing does not mean that all white people are bad. My friends are not bad. I talked to my mommy about this because I do not understand why God did not protect the black people and made the white person not bad. My mommy works for God, you know. My mommy said we should pray for the families of the people who died and that we should pray for the white man who killed them. So I prayed with my mommy. But I wanted to do more.  I asked my mommy what I could do to help the church besides pray. She said I should find something where I could do something nice for other people.   

So I decided to help mommy and her buddies out at the Christian Education Youth & Leadership Congress. I asked some of my scout buddies help out too. They all are white, except for Bryan. Bryan is black like me. So we got dressed up and our Class A uniforms and went to the hotel – ready to work. AND boy did we work! We unloaded all the supplies from the trucks. We sorted them out on tables. We stuffed and stacked bags. Auntie Joy and Uncle James, who helped me make this happen, were really nice to us. They got us pizza! It was delicious! We had a lot of fun doing a good turn. We helped a lot of people and made them happy. Black people and white people worked together and had fun. Nobody died that day. A bad thing happened at church, but God made it good.

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Pictured standing (left to right): The Rev. James Givens, Chair of the Registration Committee; Mr. Roger Johnson, Scout Leader (Troop 263 – Lake Mary, FL); Scout Christian Pianowski; Scout Kristian Sakulidis; Scout Jacob Cuthbert, III; Scout Samer Armaly: Pictured sitting (left to right): Scout Hunter Johnson; The Rev. Joy L. Gallmon, Director of Christian Education (11th Episcopal District – AMEC); Scout Bryan Musgray; Mrs. Regina Armaly, Assist. Scoutmaster