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University of Scouting – FAQ | Central Florida Council | Boy Scouts of America
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University of Scouting – FAQ

2017 University of Scouting - Round All Programs

Welcome to the University of Scouting Frequently Asked Questions Page.  Here you will find commonly asked questions regarding the University of Scouting.

  • What is The University of Scouting
    • University of Scouting is an action-packed, fun-filled single day of supplemental training where participants choose from over 150 courses. Sessions are led by experienced Scouting volunteers who will help you enhance your ability to deliver a fun and exciting program to the Scouts. It’s the time to ask all those questions to experienced leaders! This unique day of seminars provides information, techniques, and best practices on how to improve your Scout program.
  • How often is the University in session?
    • The University of Scouting in a single-day event typically held on the last Saturday in January.
  • How do I register?
  • What sessions are offered?
  • How is the college organized?
    • University of Scouting (UoS) is divided into five “colleges”:
      1. Youth College, for Boy Scout and Venturing youth aged 11 to 18. Examples of courses Scouts can take include Den Chief Training, Eagle Scout Workshops, and Leadership Skills, among many others.
      2. Cub Scout Adult Leader College, which has courses aimed to provide supplemental training to leaders of boys in the program between the ages of 6 and 11. Come and learn about Cub Scout Ceremonies, Cub Scout Campout Cooking, STEM for Cub Scouts, or Webelos-to-Scouts Transition planning, and dozens of other great courses!
      3. Boy Scout Adult Leader College, which has courses aimed at leaders of boys aged 12 to 18. Courses include focuses on understanding the patrol method, helping youth develop self-sufficiency, and understanding how your committee and charter organization work to support your program.
      4. Venturing College, which has courses for any youth over 14 years of age and adults who are Venturing leaders. Courses focus on specific training needs of the unique Venturing program, which is co-ed.
      5. General Studies College (includes Commissioners Studies), which has valuable classes for leaders at all levels. UoS participants can take classes in the General College for Disability Awareness, Guide to Social Media in Scouting, Money Earning Success Strategies, Valuing Diversity and so much more that enhances every level of our Scouting program!
  • How do I earn my degree?
    • First-year UoS participants can begin with receiving training to get their “Associates of Scouting” degree in the college of their choice. While a degree program is not required, it can be a fun way to showcase the training you have received! In your second year, you can move on to a “Bachelors of Scouting,”and beyond in future years to more advanced degrees. For more information, read this handy document on “How to Earn Your Degree.”
  • Are there additional “Advanced” degrees available?
  • What are the degree requirements?
  • What does it cost?
    • Youth – $15 ($20 after 1/25/17)
    • Adults – $15 ($20 after 1/25/17)
    • NOTE – There are optional costs for food and for promotional items like shirts.
    • Traditionally, registration increases to $20 Thursday morning (at midnight) prior to the event.

Who can I contact for more information?

2017 University of Scouting Cabinet

F Harvell, President, fharvell@uscouting.org
Mark Spencer, Staff Advisor, mark.spencer@cflscouting.org

Degree Programs

Lucy Slaton, Degree Programs Senior Advisor, lslaton@cfl.rr.com
Joyce Larson, Undergraduate Degree Advisor, jal_led_bsa@yahoo.com
Cheryl Cowley, Masters Studies Advisor, cccsupermom@aol.com
Lucy Slaton, PhD101 Studies Advisor, lslaton@cfl.rr.com
Stephie Hendry, PhD102 Studies Advisor, silvereagle595@att.net
Wes Estey, PhAD Studies Advisor, scoutman214@aol.com

2017 University Links

2017 University of Scouting – Commitment to Teach Survey – For instructors to affirm their commitment to teach.

Refer back to this page for a digital copy of the 2017 University of Scouting Course Guide, available late October.

The University of Scouting is supplemental training and is best for Scouters who have completed the BSA basic training associated with their unit position.


Updated: 20 JANUARY 2017