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Commissioner Training Information and Links

A trained commissioner is an effective commissioner. Commissioner training materials have been updated for content and the format changed to an online delivery system. All training materials are accessible here. You will see from the chart below that there is a continuum of training for commissioners.

Just as we require our unit leaders to be trained, we require our commissioner staff to be trained for their position.

Basic training courses are available for unit commissioners, new-unit commissioners, roundtable commissioners, district/assistant district commissioners, and council commissioners. The entire course curriculum for the College of Commissioner Science has been updated and all courses have a new format, teaching guide, outlines, and presentations.

There are various levels of commissioner training. It is suggested that commissioner training be completed in the order listed here. Click on the name of the training, which will link to more detail and the online training.

Unit Commissioner Fast Start

LDS Commissioner Orientation (new November 2016)


Basic Training

Continuous Training

College of Commissioner Science

Upcoming Commissioner Colleges

National Level Commissioner Training

Bachelor Courses

Continuing Education Courses

Doctorate Courses

Masters Courses

Training Codes for Commissioners

Training Overview

and Assistant
and Assistant
Youth Protection Required Required Required Required
This is Scouting If new to Scouting If new to Scouting If new to Scouting If new to Scouting
Fast Start If new to commissioner service If new to commissioner service If new to commissioner service If new to commissioner service
Commissioner Tools Video Yes Yes Yes Yes
Basic Training UC Specific RT Specific DC/ADC Specific CC/ACC Specific
Monthly Training Yes Yes Yes Yes
Annual Training Yes Yes Yes Yes
National Training Recommended Recommended Recommended Recommended