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Posted by on Jul 30, 2018 in Council News

Advancement News

Registering to become a Merit Badge Counselor, Nova Counselor, and SuperNova Mentor can be easily be achieved as follows:.

  1. Complete the COUNCIL COPY of an Adult Application. Only requires your signature and the District Advancement Chair’s or the District Advancement Chair’s designee as these are district positions.  Note that Unit signatures are NOT required.  Please use the following position codes:
    • 42 – Merit Badge Counselor
    • 52 – SuperNova Mentor
    • 58 – Nova Counselor
  2. Complete a Criminal Background Check Disclosure/Authorization Form (attached with Adult Application Form).
  3. Complete a Merit Badge Counselor Information Form, Nova Counselor Information Form, or SuperNova Awards Mentor Application, as appropriate for the position.
    • If applying to be a counselor for Archery, Rifle Shooting, or Shotgun Shooting (field Shooting Sports), a Shooting Sports Merit Badge Counselor Registration Form is also required and a copy of your current instructor certification for the merit badge.
  4. Complete Youth Protection Training ( and print out a Youth Protection Training Certificate.
  5. Provide the 4 previously identified documents to the District Advancement Chair or designee for review, approval, and signature. The district representative will forward to council for processing.