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Posted by on Jul 30, 2018 in Council News, Featured

All Leaders Trained…

All Leaders Trained

Would you get on an airliner with an untrained pilot?  Of course, you wouldn’t. Lives are at stake.  Then why do we leave our most precious possession, our children, with untrained Scout Leaders?  Isn’t their future at stake? After all, the adult leaders are helping to develop their character, turn them into good citizens, challenge them to become physically fit, and to learn leadership.  These skills do not come naturally. They have to be learned through training and experience. Just like an airline pilot.

Why is it important to be trained?  If it’s important for airline pilots to be trained, then why not Scout Leaders?

With that thought in mind, the CFC is establishing an initiative to encourage and train all Scouters to help us achieve a goal of being 100% trained.

We know that achieving this result may be impossible due to the constant change in circumstances of our members. However, this should not serve as an excuse to not give the best effort we can. We ask Cub Scouts to do their best. Shouldn’t we do the same?

The initiative will focus on:

  1. Becoming trained is as an expectation for participation in the Scouting program. It will be the expectation throughout the Council that all Leaders get trained in their new position within 4 months of assuming the role.
  2. Providing the resources necessary to become trained by providing a sufficient quantity of Council-planned training courses at the District level, and easily accessible information on how to complete online position-specific training.
  3. Where possible, offer financial incentives for Council-level training courses to units which achieve 100% of its leaders being fully trained.
  4. Implementation will include the following:


  1. The implementation will begin in August when information will be sent to all units of those who are not trained and what they need to get trained. Districts will follow up with Unit Key 3s thru the Training Chairs and Commissioners.
  2. Training opportunities and calendars will be broadcast in a Council-wide Training Newsletter twice a month.
  3. Recognition of those achieving 100% Trained and resulting discount opportunities will be communicated thru the Districts to the unit Key 3s.