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Posted by on Sep 6, 2018 in Council News

Camp La-No-Che Hurricane Season Update

As we all know, late summer and fall gives Florida residents a chance to live out the Boy Scout Motto:  BE PREPARED.  In that spirit, Camp La-NO-Che has taken some steps to prepare our campsites for potential strong weather and hurricanes.  Here are some things to know:


Tents in all campsites have been removed and stored for the fall.  When you attend La-No-Che for an event or weekend campout, please bring your own tents.  You may still have access to raised wood platforms, but camp tents are not available.

Each campsite Activity Shelter has only ONE (1) accessible bunk room, offering beds for 4 adults/leaders.  The other room is being used for storage of tents/cots/etc.  Additional adults attending events or campouts should plan on bringing their own tents.

Campsites with Adirondack Cabins (Sites 8,13, 19 and soon 18) are not impacted.


Please respect these changes as we do our best to make sure our camp resources are protected for long range use.  We will keep everyone updated on any changes to camp accommodations; visit for details specific to your upcoming events and watch for updates..


And for tips on keeping your own home/family prepared for strong weather and hurricanes, visit the National Hurricane Center [] website.