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Posted by on Sep 6, 2018 in Council News

News from the CFC Advancement Committee

Fall recruiting will be a particularly exciting activity as Cub Scouts will include boys and girls. The configurations of the packs will be established by the chartered partner organizations and may include a new all-girl pack, an all-boy pack, or one that includes girl dens and boy dens. All dens of Cub Scouts will be single gender – all boys or all girls.

A major question that arises is regarding the curriculum that girl dens will be pursuing – it will be the exact same advancement requirements and activities that are in effect for all Cub Scouts, girl dens and boy dens. The girl dens will be pursuing the same processes – for Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and Arrow of Light and
the handbooks outlining advancement are used for all Cub Scouts. For Lion dens, the Adventure Book will outline advancement opportunities as well. After all, the programs of the Boy Scouts of America support the values of the Boy Scout program – the mission, aims, and values of the Scout Oath and Law are appropriate for all individuals, regardless of gender.

As recruiting builds it will be important to present the advancement activities that Cub Scouts will complete and for parent interest, to highlight the process – Cub Scouts complete the activity, record in their handbook or adventure book, the den leader will record and as appropriate request the pack supply recognition,
and that recognition is then bestowed upon the Cub Scout in a meaningful way.

As the den and pack leadership prepare for activities, the time is current to ensure that adequate leadership is trained with new Youth Protection Guidelines and completed BSA registration. These guidelines include the presence of female leadership at all activities when girl Cub Scouts are present. To review the process of advancement, see Section of the Guide to Advancement.

To review Family Scouting Questions and Answers, download the Q & A document at



The Cub Scout Angle Arrow of Light and Crossover Ceremonies—Important Changes to Order of the Arrow Participation Guidelines

The Arrow of Light is the culmination of years of effort in the advancement of Cub Scouts, which should be recognized with an appropriate ceremony. (Guide to Advancement 2017, topic The recognition for Cub Scouts who earn the Arrow of Light Award “should be presented during an impressive ceremony involving Scouts from a local Scout troop.” (GTA, topic These types of ceremonies often are conducted and benefit from the assistance of the local Order of the Arrow lodge and its chapters.

Recently the BSA National Order of the Arrow Committee revised its guidance for lodges and chapters concerning the types and details of ceremonies that will be permitted after January 1, 2019. Of particular note, Arrowmen in these ceremonies are to be in a Scout uniform and are no longer permitted to be done in
American Indian regalia.

The newly approved official ceremonies may be downloaded from the OA Inductions Portal at The
following links will provide groups with a list of the materials needed, as well as the detailed speaking parts for each ceremony:

Arrow of Light Award Ceremony:

Spirit of Adventure Crossover Ceremony: