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Posted by on Sep 6, 2018 in Council News

News from the CFC Advancement Committee

As the “new” Scouting program year gets started, remember to be reporting ALL advancement through the Internet Advancement portal.  Many units have switched over to Scoutbook which handles this in the background.  However, data transfer issues still periodically occur regardless of the advancement software package utilized by the unit.  Reporting needs to be manually verified by a unit representative to verify that all of the advancement has been transferred properly.  This is especially true with the new scouts in each unit.  Prior to transferring the advancement information, please verify that the Internet Advancement roster is complete otherwise data transfer errors result particularly if your unit is using one of the legacy Software packages which require .csv files to be exported from the package and then imported into Internet Advancement.  Remember to print a copy of the finalized Advancement Report.  This is required for purchasing the advancement at the Scout Shop.

This is also the best time in the program cycle to offer the Religious Awards.  Additional information on the Religious Awards Program can be found at