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Day Camp FAQ | Central Florida Council | Boy Scouts of America
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Day Camp FAQ


How much does it cost?
Day camp fees are:
$110 for current cub scouts
$115 for Webelos Day Camp
$14 additional for non-scouts
Does my son have to be a registered scout to participate?
If your son is not currently a scout, the additional fee for non-scouts will be used to register your son in Scouting.
He will be registered with a Cub Scout Pack of your choosing through the end of the year and will be a member
of the pack and can participate in scouting events through the end of the year.
(For packs in your area, go to www.beascout.org)

If my son is entering 4th or 5th grade, does he have to attend a
Webelos day camp (noted by the W after the camp number)?
Your son is able to attend any day camp he would like to.
Only boys entering 4th and 5th grade are able to attend a Webelos specific day camp.

Can sisters/younger siblings come to camp?
No, this program is designed for boys entering the 1st-5th grade and must be registered members
of the Boy Scouts of America.

Do you have before or after care?
This answer will vary by camp. You may inquire with the Camp Director for the
particular camp you are interested in.

What happens if he has a doctor’s appointment?
It is not required, but is recommended, that he attend all of the camp. We understand there may be other
commitments happening and he is able to miss parts of camp for that.

Does he bring his Cub Scout book with him?
He does not need to bring his Cub Scout handbook with him unless stated otherwise in communications
with the particular camp staff.

Does he need to wear his uniform?
Boys attending Day Camp will receive a Day Camp T-Shirt they should wear during the week.
Additional shirts can be purchased at the time of registration.

Can I volunteer to help?
To volunteer for a day, or the whole week, you must be a registered member of the
Boy Scouts of America. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Director of
the camp your son will be attending

Is there a discount on fees if I volunteer?
If you volunteer for the entire week and attend volunteer training prior to camp, you are eligible for
a $25 discount paid to you after the camp has completed.

Is there a health officer at the camp?
Yes. Each camp has a health officer on property during all hours of camp.

If my son does not participate all 5 days, is there a discounted fee?
Unfortunately, no. If you son is not able to attend all 5 days, the fee still remains the same.
He will still have a great experience well worth the price.

What are the qualifications of the staff volunteering at the camp?
Each camp has a minimum of 2 Boy Scouts of America National Camp School trained directors who have
been planning this camp over the past 12 months and who have a team of other registered leaders with the BSA
who meet qualifications for the different areas they are facilitating during the camp.