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District Contacts

District_Chairman-150x150District Chairperson:  Vacant


The District Chairperson is the top volunteer Scouting leader of the district , whose job is to motivate a talented team of people. The District Chairperson presides at district committee meetings and represents the district on the council executive board.

The District Chairperson is responsible for the membership, program, and fund development functions of the district and is a member of the District Key 3.


districtCommissioner-150x150District Commissioner:  Bob “the BEAR” Monto

Email District Commissioner

phone: 407-495-7987

The District Commissioner is the quality control officer of the district who recruits, trains, and leads a staff of commissioners who coach adult leaders
of every unit to succeed. The District Commissioner is responsible for the unit service function of the district.  The District Commissioner is also a member of the District Key 3.

District-Executive-150x150District Executive: John Burke

Email District Executive

phone: 770-624-0756

John is your best Scouting friend and counselor—the full-time professional in the district. John  is employed by the council and works under the direction of the council Scout executive. John welcomes all suggestions and knows that you will need close cooperation to get the job done through volunteers.  John is the third component of the District Key 3.

districtCommittee-150x150Program Chairperson:  Christopher Smith

Chris and his team provides leadership to the Activities, Advancement, Camping, Membership, and Training, and Health and Safety Committees  The team’s goals are to meet the Districts goals in outdoor activities, advancement and training and to ensure healthy and safe operations within the District.  The team plans and coordinates the annual district events such as Cub Family Campout and District Camporees.

districtCommittee-150x150Advancement Chairperson: Justin Farr


Justin and his committee implements procedures that help achieve BSA advancement procedures. They
help Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, Varsity teams, and Venturing crews succeed. Units help youth members advance in
rank. If they advance, they will have a good experience and will grow in their Scouting adventure.

For general advancement and merit badge information (DO NOT USE FOR EAGLE Projects or boards of reviews: these will not be answered):

E-Mail Advancement Chair

Justin also reviews and approves Eagle Project Plans and participates in troop/crew boards of review and/or conducts
district-level Eagle Scout candidate boards of review.  For EAGLE PROJECT PLANS and EAGLE Boards of review:

districtCommittee-150x150Training Chairperson: Vacant


The Training Chairperson and the  district training staff’s job is to get adult leaders trained. One of the keys to the success of the Scouting program is trained
volunteer leadership. Second only to the selection of the right person for each responsibility is his or her training in the purposes
of Scouting, the methods through which these purposes are achieved, and the techniques of their individual job.


Apopka Shores has a Yahoo Groups presence where new and relevant information is provided and is an excellent source to find out what is going within the district and council.  If you are not a member please go to:

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