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Eagle Rank Procedures

Eagle Projects:

Please email all Eagle project approvals or questions to the District Advancement Chairperson.   The project proposal will be reviewed thoroughly before approval of your project. Please include your name, troop, phone number and email address. Please also CC your scoutmaster when emailing. If you do not CC your scoutmaster or an appropriate unit leader, your email will not be read or processed and you will not be contacted by the Eagle Team. It is highly suggested to also get all signatures on your fundraising applications when securing your signatures on your project proposals.


For Eagle forms please only download the current forms from Councils website or from
If you download a form from another site, chances are it is out of date and will be denied because of this.

If you need help with your idea or with the forms please don’t hesitate to contact the Advancement Chairperson. Always refer to the Guide to Advancement and Guide to Safe Scouting when planning your project. There is a two page document at the back of the packet for you to hand to the project beneficiary. This is very helpful so the beneficiary is aware of the projects limits and procedures and policies.

Letters of Recommendation:

Eagle recommendation letters are to be requested by the Troop Committee! It is suggested to include a self addressed postage paid envelope when requesting letters. The Scout is not to view these and must be turned in to the Advancement Chair in sealed envelopes at the time of the Board of Review.

Eagle Board of Review:

Boards of Reviews are held on the 3rd Thursday of the month during ROUNDTABLE. Please email the Advancement Chair to schedule your appt. Project Proposals can be done on the same day or we can schedule accordingly. You MUST HAVE two Committee members from your unit and your SM present for Eagle Boards. Please have all documents from Lynette in the Manilla envelope, your scout handbook and at least 2 copies of your workbook and any photos. Please fill out the NESA form as this is how the Advancement Team chooses the Apopka Shores District and Central Florida Council’s eagle project of the year award. As always bring your smiles and any other documents you think you might need.


Justin Farr, Apopka Shores Advancement Chairperson

Eagle Advancement Team