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Good morning and Happy New Year,

In 2018 I would like to start with our new RT motto “Sharing Ideas & Learning from others”. Why do you ask? Because, RT should be about learning from each other and implementing new ideas to old reoccurring problems. We also have new leaders who want to volunteer and want to learn about Scouting. the following are the proposed Themes for 2018:

February – Patrol Boxes

March – Advancement

April – Merit Badge/Belt Loop or Pins

May – Program Kickoff

June – Water purification 

July – Camp set up/GATEWAYS (if possible)

August – Recruitment

September – Hiking/trail location (FL State)


  1. All themes are a suggestion and may be modified to fit our District needs.
  2. We are currently searching for a Cub Scout & Boy Scout RT Commissioner.
  3. We may also invite professional in the subject or themes to help present in RT.
  4. RT shouldn’t be intimidating on the contrary, it should be more inviting and relax. Creating an environment  were we all feel comfortable but still following the Patrol Method, it is important to learn from each other to keep our Scouts engaged.


Thank you all for the help and I’m looking forward to a great 2018.


Best regards


Rolando Vargas

Apopka Shores

Assistant District