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Unit Service Hours

Units please remember to record your service hours monthly using the following link below. Anyone can create a user profile to log this for their unit. You must have your unit ID which is the same ID used for Internet advancement. If you need this please email Patricia Fountain or Lynette Dukes at Council or the District Advancement Chair. We do have a listing of unit ID’s available.

Service hours are an important part of Scouting that allows us to give back to our communities. Scouts needs them for ranks and it is up to the SM to approve the hours before they are completed. This is a form of communication between a Scout and his SM. Service hours are decided only by the SM. Many volunteers ask if scouts helping on Eagle projects get service hours. Again this is the SM’s choice.
Service hours can include, Scouting for Food, food Pantry help, dinners and breakfasts at the chartered org., clean-ups, volunteering at camp(ex. Halloween Campout), hospitals and nursing homes, park cleanups, etc.


Justin Farr, AS Advancement Chairperson

District Advancement Chair


Lynette Dukes, Council  Advancement and Training Support Assistant

Patricia Fountain