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Camp Cards 2016

Our 2016 Camp Card Sale is just around the corner! This sale is a great way for Scouts to earn their way to pay for the camp and program. The card has great value with many discounts to various restaurants and places around Central Florida and sells for just $5. Scouts can earn up to $2 per card they sell!

Sign up for Sale Here

 2016 Card Front

2016 Card Back

Vendors on the card: McDonalds, Tijuana Flats, Sonnys BBQ, Ace Hardware, Jiffy Lube, Papa Johns, LEGOLAND, and more.. check back for updates!

Here are some key dates for the sale:

Camp Card Kickoffs, your unit must attend one of these as part of your commission!

  • Jan 12th Varsity Club, Citrus Bowl, Orlando 7:00
  • Jan 19th Daytona Speedway 7:00
  • Jan 20th Brevard Manatees Stadium, Viera 7:00
  • Jan 23rd University of Scouting, Edgewater High School, 12:00

February Roundtable: Cards arrive and sale begins

March 5-6: Neighborhood Blitz weekend

April 23-24: Sell Out Blitz Weekend

April 30: All Camp Card Money, Prizes and Cards due

June Roundtable: Prizes are delivered

How does the commission work?

Commission is based on achieving just 3 tasks:

1. 15% Base Commission by placing an order
2. 10% Attending Camp Card Kickoff in January
3. 10% on time settlement (April 30, 2016)
4. 5% Increase your sales by 5% over 2015 (Min. $500 in sales) OR Recruit 3 new boys (not transfers) to your unit between Jan 1st and April 15th. Applications & fees must be turned into District Executive by April 15th.

You will keep your portion of the commission when settling up at the end of the sale. Example: If you order 1,000 cards, and sold 900 of them, and earned the 40% commission, you will return the 100 cards you didn’t sell, keep 40% of the sale (900 Cards x $2 = $1,800) and then pay the Central Florida Council the balance (900 cards x $3 = $2,700)

Need more Cards?

** If you sell out of cards and need to get more, you may do so by emailing and requesting more cards. You will need to settle up on the cards you have already sold by paying $3 per additional card you are requesting. So if you have sold 1000 cards and are requesting 500 more cards, when you pick up the additional cards, you will need to settle up on a minimum of 500 cards that you have already sold. ($500 x $3 = $1,500) You keep the commission you earned.

Make Card Payment Order Additional Cards


Weekly Drawing
Each Friday during the sale starting February 26th – April 29th, we will be having a drawing for a new Raleigh Talus Bike for any Scout who has sold 20+ Cards! Each time you sell 20 cards be sure to register here to get in the drawing! All names must be submitted that Friday by 8:00 AM to qualify for that weeks drawing.


Camp Card Bike

Register for the Drawing



Additional Resources:

Facebook Page

unit prize order form 2016

Copy of Unit sign up 1 11