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  • The Ideal Year of Scouting Training Videos have been converted into six different formats and will soon be posted on the Council website for your access. The 1% Popcorn commission will be fulfilled if they attend the training at Program Launch OR if they take the online training until August 1. District Kernels, Commissioners, and District Execs can authorize the training completion.
  • The Commission Structure now has a bonus 1% for turning in both a Calendar and a Budget! It now looks like this: (30% base commission + 1% for IYOS training + 1% for IYOS Calendar + BONUS! 1% for IYOS Budget + 2% for 2 people at District Kick-off = 35% top commission)
  • We are now accepting unit commitments via the TrailsEnd System. This will also activate their account.  Forms can be completed online and are mobile phone friendly. Here is the url:
  • FREE Quadcopter Drone ($45 value) for EVERY unit commitment received by June Roundtable. Units can use this to reward their top seller or run incentives of their choice.
  • NEW Selling Unit Incentive! When a unit commits to selling popcorn that did not do so last year, they automatically qualify for $500.00 worth of free popcorn inventory to help them get started.


You will have hand-out materials and a sample drone! for show and tell at Program Launch. This is a coup because these drones will not be available nationwide until after June 15.


More Info at Program Launch May 18th, 2017