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STEM & Nova

stem1_image What is STEM and Nova?

STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – STEM is part of an initiative the Boy Scouts of America has taken on to encourage the natural curiosity of youth members and their sense of wonder about these fields through existing programs.  From archery to welding, Scouts can’t help but enjoy the wide range of STEM-related activities.  To support this initiative, the BSA developed the Nova Awards programs so that youth members have fun and receive recognition for their efforts.

To find out more information about the STEM and Nova Awards program and to learn how to launch STEM and Nova in your unit,  please visit the site below or contact your District’s STEM Advocate—Darryl Willis.

Get started today and get in on the Fun!

Riverside STEM Website:

Darryl Willis

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STEM in Cub Scouting

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Initiatives

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These disciplines are considered by many to be the foundation of an advanced society. In many forums — including political, governmental, and academic — the strength of the STEM workforce is viewed as an indicator of a nation’s ability to sustain itself.

To engage our youth members in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, the Boy Scouts of America created new program initiatives that emphasizes STEM in the context of the current advancement programs. The BSA’s STEM initiative gives Scouts an opportunity to explore relevant skills and experiences and to be recognized for their achievements. The aim is to expose youth to new opportunities and help them develop the STEM skills critical for the competitive world marketplace. Our council is implementing these initiatives.


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STEM Is the future

Fostering a strong STEM education is our best opportunity to boost the spirit of innovation. It’s what we need to help ensure this country continues on a prosperous and secure journey. STEM literacy is also critical because it has a profound and growing impact on our day-to-day lives. Nature, space exploration, and any STEM-related interest reveals to us the beauty and power of the world we inhabit.

What Are the Nova Awards?

The Boy Scouts of America developed the Nova Awards program to excite and expand a sense of wonder in our Scouts. By working with an adult counselor or mentor, the various modules allow them to explore the basic principles of STEM and discover how fun and fascinating STEM can be. The Supernova awards are offered for those who enjoy a super challenge. For more information about STEM and the Nova Awards program, visit Discover how the Nova Awards program helps youth be “Prepared. For Life.”

STEM Awards in Cub Scouting

Please click here for the STEM Awards for Cub Scouting


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Internet Advancement

[button link=”” type=”big” color=”orange” newwindow=”yes”] INTERNET ADVANCEMENT LOGON[/button]

IF you cann0t see the button above, please click here to be directed to the online advancement website. 

Questions?  Please click here for help on how to to submit advancements using the online advacement website.

PackMaster & TroopMaster talk to BSA Internet Advancement – upload your advancement report today!

As you may know, BSA’s Internet Advancement System is now being used by many of the local councils. The advancement/4403 report in both TroopMaster and PackMaster will produce a file that is fully compatible with this new system. BSA’s system will refer to our recharter file as the UMS (Unit Management System) file. Help with PackMaster and TroopMaster 


Internet Advancement Experiencing Difficulties

The Internet Advancement is experiencing some difficulties, and we are working with National BSA to learn more.  As soon as we have more information, we will post it here. Some issues experienced with the Internet Advancement System:
1. Units are unable to print a report after submission
2. A unit’s submitted reports are not showing in their accounts properlyIt is important to report advancements, so we can have accurate records of a Scout’s accomplishments.


Internet Advancement Tutorials

Creating an Internet Advancement Account
Entering Internet Advancements


Internet Advancement

The Internet Advancement System is experiencing some issues with some of its functionality. It is still available for your use, if you have not had any problems with it recently, don’t hesitate to continue to use it. A few things to consider:

  • Use Internet Explorer 7+ for best results. The systems do not yet support Apple/Mac software and other browsers.
    Login Help

    To use Internet Advancement:

  • Select the unit advancement processor. This person must have Internet connectivity and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Gather information for advancement, including merit badge applications and advancement records with dates.
  • Click on the “Login” button on this page. Follow the instructions in Internet Advancement to process advancements and print an advancement report
  • Have the appropriate people sign the printed unit advancement report and submit it to the council. You must turn in an advancement copy to the council office (Scout Shop) when you purchase advancements (badges of rank and merit badges). Save a copy for your files.Units should submit monthly reports before the end of each month, or more often if needed. In December, submit a report before the end of the month to update your unit and council statistics.

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Support Scouting

Support Scouting

Scouting makes a direct and positive impact on your community by teaching positive values and leadership skills to youth. Join the individuals, corporations, and foundations who support Scouting’s mission.

Give 2 BSA

Membership in the Boy Scouts of America plays a major role in shaping lasting values and the use of these values in daily life. Take a stand on teaching character and integrity to the young people of our country by making a contribution to your local council today. Click here to donate.
Planned Gifts

Local council endowment ensures that Scouting will continue building character, fitness, and citizenship for years to come. Click here to find out about ways to plan a gift to your local council and the additional personal income and tax benefits your gift can create.

Who Pays for Scouting?

Youth Members

Assisted by their parents or guardians, boys in Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, and Varsity Scouting and young men and women in Venturing pay their share from personal savings and participation in money-earning projects.

Members buy their own uniforms, handbooks, and personal equipment and pay their own camp fees.

Packs, Troops, Teams, and Posts

Weekly or monthly dues and funds from approved money-earning projects meet expenses for supplies and activities in the Cub Scout pack, Boy Scout troop, Varsity Scout team, and Venturer crew. These monies help pay for camping equipment, registration fees, Boys’ Life magazine, uniform insignia, special activities, and program materials.

Community Organizations

Each chartered organization using the Scouting program provides a meeting place and adult volunteer leadership for its BSA unit(s). The chartered organization and local council must approve unit money-earning projects before the launch of the project.

Central Florida Council

Financial resources for the Central Florida Council (the local nonprofit corporation chartered by the National Council) come from an annual Friends of Scouting (FOS) campaign, local United Ways, foundation grants, special events, project sales, investment income, trust funds, bequests, and gifts of real and personal property.

These funds provide for professional staff supervision, organization of new Scouting units, service for existing units, training of volunteer leaders, and maintenance of council camps. They also finance the operation of the local council service center, where volunteer leaders can obtain literature, insignia, advancement badges, and other items vital to the program. In addition, the service center maintains advancement and membership records.

National Organization

Funds to support the national organization of the Boy Scouts of America come from registration fees, local council service fees, investment income, Scouting and Boys’ Life magazines, sale of uniforms and equipment, contributions from individuals, and foundation grants. These monies help to deliver the program of the BSA (through four regional service centers and more than 300 local councils) to chartered organizations that use the Scouting program to meet the needs of their youth.

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