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Posted by on Oct 13, 2015 in District News, Featured

Friends of Scouting: “The Scout Law”

Friends of Scouting: “The Scout Law”

The 2016 Friends of Scouting (FOS) Campaign will begin “The Scout Law” series theme. Our aim is to raise support to help young men and women live their lives by The Scout Law; preparing them for life.

At each district’s October Roundtable, enclosed in their recharter packet, every unit will receive a 2016 Friends of Scouting presentation signup form. Units will be given the opportunity to set their FOS presentation dates at the October Roundtable or hand in the commitment form at the November roundtable. The district FOS chair will be at the October Roundtable to answer any questions you may have. Our focus will be to visit each unit between January and March. If a Troop has a Court of Honor in November or December arrangements can be made to hold an FOS presentation at that time; please ask your District FOS Chair for accommodations.
Incentives for participating are numerous:

  • Unit service
  • Free Basic Leader Training
  • Youth scholarships
  • Recruitment efforts
  • Marketing
  • Program development
  • Program support
  • Affordable Camping
  • Support Center
  • Camping Facilities
  • Support for the annual Scouting for Food drive
  • …and much more.

JTE Platinum Rewards and Qualifications

For the 2016 FOS Campaign, when a unit hold a FOS presentation at their Court of Honor or Blue and Gold and they have a larger number of donors than the 2015 presentation, they will meet one of four requirements to achieve JTE Platinum Unit status!!

JTE Platinum Units get the following benefits:

  1.   Free rank advancement patches for 2017
  2.   A 5% in popcorn commission goes towards a possible total commission of 35%, without this incentive a maximum of 30% can be earned (this incentive can be earned independently by submitting to your Unit Commissioner or District Executive a completed IYOS worksheet/unit budget by August 12th)
  3.   A 10% Discount to Summer Camp/Day Camp & District Cub Family Campout for 2017
  4.   JTE Platinum Unit Ribbon for Unit

Friends of Scouting

“The Scout Law” Series