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Give 2 Scouting

When you give to Scouting, you help make heroes… 


  Will Brabb, a Webelos Scout from Pack 507 in Lake Mary, enjoys volunteering at the Sanford Civic Center to help feed the homeless.  At 10-years-old, he was amazed to see classmates from his school there to receive help. He says he “really wants to help a lot of people.”

 Jarrett Slade, a First Class Scout with Troop 54 in Holly Hill, has been awarded the BSA Lifesaving Award for heroism. Not too long after earning the First Aid Merit Badge, Jarrett walked into his home and recognized his father was showing signs of a heart attack or a stroke. He immediately called 911 and took his father’s blood pressure, relaying the information to the 911 operator. He also helped explain to the fire fighter’s his father’s medical history. His father was having a heart attack, but survived thanks to his sons’ quick actions.

 We need your support to help us make more heroes like Will & Jarrett! It’s not too late to pledge your gift and help us! 

On behalf of the over 25,000 Scouts here in Central Florida, thank you for being a part of this important campaign!! Thank you for making heroes!!  

Membership in the Boy Scouts of America plays a major role in shaping lasting values and the use of these values in daily life. Take a stand on teaching character and integrity to the young people of our country by making a contribution to your local council today. Click here to donate.

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