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Posted by on Nov 27, 2016 in District News

Roundtable Breakout Sessions

2017 Session Information

*January – Scout Executed Program
Run By – Don Stafford

February – Winter Camping
Run By T472 – Jim B.

March – Games
Run By Troop 400 – Steve M.

April – Ethics
Run By T477 – Bill R.

* May – Program Launch

June – Shooting
Run By – Gloria K.

July – Technology
Run By T454 – Don J.

August – Fishing
Run By T429 – Dan D.

* September – Merit Badge Counselor Training
Run By – Darrell Brock

October – Backpacking
Run By T436 – Greg P.
November – BSRT Planning Meeting
Run By – Don Stafford

December – Christmas Social

* Denote months that will include a Court of Honor / Awards Ceremony. If your leaders are receiving awards, knots, certificates or receiving their Woodbadge Beads please contact Don Stafford or Craig Tarr. They will schedule time during the General Session meeting and assist with communicating to the district Scouters & parents.