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Posted by on Sep 1, 2017 in Council News

2018 University of Scouting

2018 University of Scouting

2018 University of Scouting

This training program is unlike any other training available to unit leaders. Experienced leaders and trainers will be presenting a variety of topics that are designed to give those attending both more detailed information on how Scouting works and true to life examples of how to make the program presented to scouts special. The University of Scouting training program follows a design similar to a real university or college. The degree program is a way to help a leader organize what level of supplemental training one pursues. The degrees are also a way for Scouters to collect one more Pin, as most Scouters love collecting patches and Pins

All leaders, assistants, and committee members registered with any unit. The course selection is varied so that regardless of unit position, one will gain something to take back and implement in the unit. It does not matter if one is a first year leader or a 153-year veteran, everyone is guaranteed to learn something new or gain a clearer understanding of the various aspects of the Scouting programs.


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