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Leader of the Year Awards

Three Rivers District was established in 2010, the Centennial Year of Boy Scouts of America. At the Annual District Recognition Banquet in May, the leader of the year awards are revealed honoring leaders that represent the best of Scouting.

Cub Scout Leader of the Year

2010 Michael S. Siebenaler
2011 Thomas Scott Walton, II
2012 Dan Feagle
2013 Craig R. Tarr
2014 Michael and Sue Ann Schlack
2015 R. Jason Steiner

Scoutmaster of the Year

2010 Robert C. Preis, Jr.
2011 Michael Bassett
2012 Dan Wills
2013 William Rice
2014 L. Mitchell Dansby
2015 Jackie M. Fauque-Day

Post Advisor of the Year

2010 Rommell Scalf
2011 Donald W. Smith
2012 Joseph Dupree
2013 Gary Sault
2014 Richard Rubin
2015 Teresa B. Shaw

Commissioner of the Year

2010 Donald T. Stafford
2011 Charles R. Wuester
2012 John Junco
2013 Z. John Jackim
2014 Greg A. Caskie, Sr.2015 Fred W. Griffith

WIlliam H. Spurgeon Award

The Spurgeon Award is the highest recognition for individuals or organizations rendering outstanding leadership to the Exploring Program, awarded by the council, region, or nationally. It is named after the main leader in developing the special-interest Exploring program.

1976 Lt. Joseph Muffoletto
1979 Sgt. Barrie Biss

Other Awards

Distinguished Eagle Scout Award Shawn Briese

National Outstanding Eagle Scout Award

Dr. Rick Lentz (2011)
Barrie Bliss (2014)
Dr. Daniel Miller (2014)
Dr. Tom Yuschok (2015)

Silver Antelope Award

Shawn Briese (2012)

OA Founders Award

Donald Stafford (2012)

George Meany Award

Barrie Bliss (2004)
Gloria Kollosch (2014)

Russell C. Hill Award

Barrie Bliss (2006)

International Scouter Award

Z. John Jackim (2013)

Alumni Award

Thomas Yuschok (2013)