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Posted by on Feb 6, 2017 in Be A Scout, Boy Scouting, Council News, Council News, Cub Scouting, District News, Give to Scouting, Leader Resources, National News, Regional News, Venturing Program |

Benefits of Scouting: Scouting Saves Lives

Scouting saves lives. Out of every 100 Scouts, one person will use their Scout skills to save someone else’s life. That is an amazing statistic.

When Boy Scout John H. saw his father in a life-threatening situation, he sprang into action to help save his father’s life. His father, who was recovering from two strokes, was eating dinner and started choking on a piece of food, unable to get in any air.

“I just remember falling over. Then, in the ambulance when I woke up,” said John’s father, James.

John heard his mother scream and he rushed into the room where his father was choking. While his mother called 9-1-1, John used skills he had learned in Scouting to help his father. With the life-threatening situation going on, John kept a clear head and did everything correctly to save his father.

“He knew what to do, he started doing it,” John’s mother, Jean, said. “By the time the 9-1-1 dispatcher was telling me ‘do this, do this,’ John was two steps ahead of her.”

For his actions to save his father’s life, John received the Boy Scouts of America Medal of Merit.

Your donations to the Central Florida Council help us provide training to our Scouts and leaders that one day could save your life or the life of someone you love. Thank you for supporting Scouting in our community.