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Camp Accreditation is very important to make sure the camp is living up to high standards in risk management, safety, site and food service, program design and activities, transportation, program aquatics, health and wellness, adventure/challenge, operational management, program trips & travel and human resources.  

Camp La-No-Che at the Winn-Dixie Scout Reservation participates in a camp accreditation processes.  Every Boy Scout Camp in the United States are required to participate in the Boy Scouts of America National Standard Accreditation. 


The Boy Scouts of America National Standards are required for each Boy Scout Camp to meet for the camp to be open.  The Boy Scout Standards are separated into four sections which includes the Camp National Accreditations Standards, Climbing Accreditation Standards, COPE Accreditation Standards and the High Adventure Accreditation Standards.  The Boy Scouts of America National Accreditation visit is required for each camp during the first or second week of camp yearly.  A group of Boy Scout Leader Volunteer Standards Visitors visits the camp during the summer camp operations checking our camp operations for standards compliance.  The camp must meet the standards minimums to continue the camp operations for the remaining weeks of summer camp and for the next year.

Camp La-No-Che has been accredited by the Boy Scouts of America as a BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA ACCREDITED CAMP!  The staff has met 100% of these standards for over 15 years!