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Air Conditioned Eagle Encampment

What is Eagle Encampment?

10th Annual



  • The ability for Scouts to achieve unprecedented progress on the Trail to Eagle via intensive merit badge instruction and hard work offering six Eagle required merit badges [Citizenship in the Community, Nation & World, Communications, Family Life and Personal Management]. Each participant must take a minimum of 3 merit badges to qualify for participation.  This event features all-you-can-eat “teenaged sized portions” and air conditioned areas including sleeping areas.The most incredible staff ever assembled is FREE!


When is Eagle Encampment?

  • June 4-9, 2017

Where  is Eagle Encampment?

  • Camp Ithiel (in Gotha)

Who can attend  Eagle Encampment?

  • First Class, Star and Life Rank Scouts; who are 13 to 17 years old (as of 6/4/2017)

What is the cost  of Eagle Encampment?

  • $290 paid in full before camp or $100 deposit at time of registration for each participant with balance paid before camp. Fee includes two shirts and one wide-brimmed commemorative hat per participant.

What do I bring to Eagle Encampment?

  • 100% official BSA uniform, plus typical summer camp gear. Official BSA clothes are worn during entire event (except swimming).

What additional information should I know about Eagle Encampment?

What should I do after is sign up for Eagle Encampment?

  • Please print and read the entire program guide (15 pages) and bring it with you to the encampment.
  • Bring pages 13 and 14 (and if you registered via mail or at the Scout office, bring a copy of page 15) of the participant guide, filled out, with you. Several signatures are required on page 13 and are necessary for admittance to camp.
  • Each participant must complete an interview with Steve Eisinger as their final step for admittance.  Towards that effort, they will be contacted by Steve Eisinger shortly following their registration using the information provided during registration. If participants have not heard from Mr. Eisinger within 7 days following their registration, please send him an e-mail at the address above.
  • Prerequisites are required in order to achieve maximum succes s at Eagle Encampment, which means participants will not leave the event with completed merit badges if the prerequisites are not properly and thoroughly completed. Two of the merit badges offered require 90 days worth of detailed documented work prior to check in while all merit badges offered required some level of prerequisite completion.
  • In terms of close-out procedures on June 9, participants will be provided with their completed efforts via a report from Troopmaster on their final day at Eagle Encampment which should be submitted to their unit’s Advancement Chairman. Blue cards will not be utilized.

Eagle Encampment Participant Guide

Eagle Encampment Online Registration

Eagle Encampment Flyer

For information please contact Steve Eisinger, Encampment Coordinator: