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BSA Health & Medical Record

All Scouts and adults must complete the official Annual BSA Health and Medical Record (form #680-001, parts A, B, C), part B requires  parent signature and part C a physicians signature. They must be completed within 12 calendar  months  before arrival. These forms must accompany all Scouts and leaders to camp, including all adults staying one or more nights. Please make copies of the appropriate forms for all boys/adults in your troop, it is required that you include a copy of the Scouts health insurance card with medical form. Health history must be current and the date of the physical must meet the requirements of the appropriate form. Failure to comply with health form requirements will cause the person to be sent home. A fax machine is available, so any forgotten forms must be faxed prior to the last transport adult leaving camp or the camper will be sent home, the number is 352-669-7636. A resident Health Officer is available at all times to deal with accidents and sickness. He or she is not a medical doctor but is qualified to administer first aid and deal with emergencies and minor sickness.A copy of the official Annual B.S.A. Health and Medical Record Form A, B & C can be downloaded below. Please make copies of the appropriate forms for everyone attending with your unit.

– BSA Health and Medical Record Form


For information please contact Pam Falconer, Camp Activities Coordinator: