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Posted by on Aug 20, 2017 in Popcorn Campaign

2017 Popcorn Kickoff!!!

Why Scout Fundraising? – A Proper Perspective why Scout Fundraising? – A Proper Perspective The aims and methods of Scouting instruct that a Scout be thrifty and that he pay his own way for program and activities. Scouts learn the value of money and hard work by earning the money to pay for things. But they didn’t join Scouting to do fundraisers! The fundraisers have a purpose and the purpose is to raise a targeted number of dollars to do something else.

Different families have different resources at their disposal. Some families may not need to participate in fundraisers at all. Others in the same unit might need additional opportunities to raise funds. Troops, Packs and Crews pull together and enjoy activities as a group rather than individually. This calls for a unified approach to planning and funding the activities.

The very first Journey to Excellence objective is Planning and Budget as it relates to fundraising. Gold level units involve the youth in producing a program plan and budget that is reviewed and approved by a committee that regularly meets.

The natural outgrowth of this planning process should be consensus of youth and adult members on nature of the program for the coming year and the nature of the fundraising to accomplish it. Scouting families should enthusiastically embrace the fundraising process for what it is and what it accomplishes.

With that said…. Scouting should be fun not drudgery! Central Florida Council together with the Trails End Team have put together an amazing array of fun prizes and incentives to fuel this year’s campaign and make it POP! Turn the pages of this booklet to see all the exciting things and experiences that you can earn while helping your unit deliver an unparalleled program.

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