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Wood Badge

Wood Badge

All Boy Scout units (Troops, Packs, & Crews) have the goal of teaching our youth a wide variety of skills, including Leadership Skills.  As Adult Leaders, you need to have Leadership Skills if you expect to teach our youth.  Wood Badge is the class for you.  As a member of Troop 1, the Wood Badge staff will model the behavior of a well-run Boy Scout Troop to help you explore Leadership in a ways you probably never considered before.  Have fun for two weekends learning skills that you will use with your Scouts, and probably at work and home as well.

There are more than 25 Wood Badge Staff members to help you improve your skills in Communication, Team Building, games with a purpose, and all of the fun you should be having in your Scouting Units.

The CFC Fall 2016 course will be held on Sept 23-25 & Oct 14-16, 2016.  (You must attend both weekends.)  Course Orientation day is August 28, 2016, from 2 to 4PM, at Camp La No Che.

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Contact Course Director Tommy Byerly if you have questions: