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Central Florida Council Staff


Central Florida Council, Boy Scouts of America
1951 South Orange Blossom Trail, Suite 102, Apopka, FL 32703
407-889-4406 Fax
General Delivery Email:

The Central Florida Council serves the youth of Brevard, Flagler, Lake, Orange,
Osceola, Seminole, and Volusia counties.

Phone / Staff Directory

If the person you are calling is not in, you can leave a message on the appropriate person’s voice mail.  If you do not know the extension of the person you are calling you can access their voice mail through the Council directory. The directory is listed by first name, not last name, so ignore the automated prompt for last name and type in the first four letters of the first name. If the first name is less than four letters just press the # sign after you have typed in the name.

If you do not want to leave a message for anyone in particular, you can leave a message in the general mailbox by dialing 221. Listed below are the names and direct lines of all staff members, along with their primary responsibility.  To send an email, click on the staff members name and it should generate an email for you to complete.

Frequently called phone numbers:

  • Alpha Service Team (Little Econ District- East Orange County, Fort Gatlin District- Metro Orlando, Seminole Springs District- Seminole County, Sand Lake District- South Orange County, Apopka Shores District- West Orange County and Lake District- Lake County): 407-703-0226
  • Omega Service Team (Three Rivers District- East Volusia, Challenger and Riverside Districts – Brevard County, Tuscarora District- West Volusia County and Osceola District- Osceola County ): 407-703-0276
  • Council Program Services: 407-703-0222
  • Council Membership Registrar: 407-703-0227
  • Council Advancement / Training Specialist: 407-703-0225
  • Council Popcorn / Camp Card / Special Events Specialist: 407-703-0254
  • Leonard and Marjorie Williams Family Scout Reservation and Camp La-No-Che: 352-669-8558



Name Direct Line Position
Field Service Staff
Alpha Service Team 407-703-0226 Orange, Seminole and Lake Counties
Jakob Fritz  407-703-0251 Sand Lake District Executive
Benita Williams  407-703-0246 Scoutreach Program Services
Howard Pernell 407-703-0264 Metro Orlando Senior District Executive
Brandon Gawel  407-703-0266 Little Econ District Executive
Mac Griffith 407-703-0262 Lake Senior District Executive
Richard Fallon 407-703-0273 Fort Gatlin Senior District Executive
Lilly Bruno 407-703-0226 Metro Support Assistant
John Burke  407-703-0261 Apopka Shores District Executive
407-703-0238 Seminole Springs Senior District Executive
David Mott 407-703-0252 Alpha Service Team Field Director
Omega Service Team 407-703-0276 Brevard, Osceola and Volusia Counties
Devin Mills 321-431-0864 Tuscarora District Executive
Debbie Robinson 407-703-0253 Omeage Support Assistant
Cory Dewell 407-624-2101 Osceola District Executive
Halvern Johnson 813-245-9687 Three Rivers District Director
Kevin Ronayne 727-455-9446 Riverside District Executive
Sally Richardson 321-720-4109 Brevard Scoutreach Program Assistant
Stephanie Govatos 407-412-3467 Challenger District Executive
Shanna Richardson 321-576-7556 Omega Service Team Field Director
Director of Field Services Office   407-703-0281  
Patty Fountain 407-703-0227 Registrar / Membership Data
Wendy Thomas 407-703-0281 Assistant to the Director of Field Services
 Chris Crowley  407-703-0256  Director of Field Services
Council Program Services Team
Mark Spencer 407-310-8543 Program Director – Boy Scouting and Venturing
Leigh Taylor 407-921-8170 Program Director – Cub Scouting
Lynette Dukes 407-703-0225 Advancement and Training Support Assistant
Mike Evano 612-701-3938 Director of Camping
Leonard & Marjorie Williams Family Scout Reservation 352-669-8558
Pam Falconer 352-669-8558 Camp Activities Coordinator
Tim Labar 352-669-8558 Camp Ranger 2
Art Shippee 352-434-5550 Council Facilities Manage
Sam Bostic 352-669-8558 Camp Ranger 3
Business Support Team
Kathy Devlin 407-703-2074 Accounting Assistant
Mark Janofsky  407-703-0228 Council Accountant
Charlotte Gaskins 407-703-0224 Finance Secretary
Henry Knowles 407-703-0241 CFO
Director of Support Services Office
Matt Ragan  407-703-0244 Director of Support Services
Development / Special Events Team 407-703-0254
Kimmy Orosco 407-703-0254 Event Planning Assistant
Tia Pendleton 407-703-0245 Senior Development Director
Nancy Freeman 407-703-0282 Director of Development
CEO / Scout Executive
Traci Shepherd 407-703-0272 Assistant to the Scout Executive
Eric Magendantz 407-703-0272 CEO / Scout Executive
Boy Scout Supplies & Retail 
Scout Shop Apopka – National BSA  407-814-1040  
Scout Shop Brevard – National BSA  321-255-5223  
Scout Shop Camp – Central Florida Council  352-669-8558 x 27